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PiZap  is an Online Photo Editor App. It provides a very easy to use photo editor that lets you add photo effects, custom text or speech bubbles, hundreds of original colorful stickers, a full painting program, and much more. There are Many photo editor apps available in play store like Pip Camera photo editor, Pip Camera 360,PicsArt Photo Studio, PIP Selfie Photo Editor, B612 – Selfie from the heart, InstaMag – Photo Collage Maker and much more among these PiZap is one of the few photo editing tools to offer a web-based tool, an iPhone option, an Android option and a tool optimized for the Chrome browser. PiZap is a photo editor app we can edit the photo by using this app. This Pizap providing both online photo editor and offline photo editor through App.

piZap Photo Editor and Collage:

piZap is the FUN photo editor and collage maker.

  • Thousands of fun, colorful stickers. Nobody has more stickers than piZap!
  • 70 awesome fonts, glow text, and text bubbles.
  • Colorful, vibrant filters that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Unique collage layouts like hearts and mixed shapes.

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Why Choose Pizap?

1.Using Pizap is Easy:

When we say that piZap is the world’s easiest online photo editor, we know that this is a bold statement, but we really believe it. From the start, piZap was created because we know that professional photo editing packages like Adobe Photoshop can take a lot of time to learn and there are many users that want something more accessible. We have taken the most common and fun photo editing tools and simplified them as much as possible. We want our users to be able to quickly start editing photos without ever cracking a help file or reading a tutorial.

It’s Fun

Above all, we designed piZap to be FUN! Once you start editing photos, making MEMEs, Facebook covers, adding colorful stickers, and making cut-outs you really can’t stop. There is a reason our users are so loyal and regularly spend over 30 minutes a session editing photos. Once you see how easy the drag and drop interface is, and how cool the results are, we think you will be addicted too! piZap is the only photo editor you need!

Pizap is Fast

With simplicity comes speed. It’s easy to get in and get out and make your most common photo edits without getting bogged down in endless menus, complicated layering options, and stuff that only professional photographers would use. We keep it simple and fun so you can get in and out and get back to your day. Download Pizap from Play store for Android Devices and also Download Pizap from App Store fro IOS Devices. You can also try pizap from Online for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and MAC

you can also try Pip Camera to edit pictures online

Pizap Photo Editor Features:

1.Photo Filters and Effects:

Ever since the rise of Instagram, photo filters and effects have been all the rage. When you want to add just the right mood to your photo piZap has you covered with over 100 unique filters. We have classic photo editor filters like black and white, sepia, and Instagram-style filters. We also have some wild and loud filters like ColorZ and Light FX that will add cool lighting effects to your photos. You can also get creative with our Texture effects that can turn your photo into a canvas, or brick wall. Use the Fun Filters like posterizer, color splash, and fisheye to make something ready to share on Facebook.

2.Text Effects

Probably the most popular tool on piZap Photo Editor is the text tool. Adding text to photos can instantly transform your image into a card, an invitation, a MEME, or just personalize a photo for social media. We have hundreds of hand selected fonts, many you won’t find anywhere else. We also have a really fun tool that lets you add speech and thought bubbles to your photos to show what someone is thinking or saying. Also, we have a really cool glow text feature that makes your text glow with any color you choose. More fonts are coming soon!

3.Basic Edits

The first place most people start when editing a photo is the basic edits and the piZap photo editor has you covered. Crop your image to the perfect size. Maybe you want to crop it square for Instagram or turn a landscape layout into a portrait layout. You can also crop for social media, like a Facebook timeline cover, Twitter header cover, or a Youtube channel art cover. Basic edits also include making adjustments to brightness, contrast, and saturation as well. You can also use our handy Zoom tool and rotate any photos that come out of your camera upside down or on their side.


Adding colorful and fun stickers to your photos is a great way to spice them up and personalize them. Our very first feature was stickers and above all else piZap is known for our outstanding curated sticker collection. They have thousands of stickers, more than any other online photo editor. We have a great collection of Holiday Stickers like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. They have a massive collection of shapes, designs, flowers, letters, sparkles, hearts and more. Check them out, there is something for everybody.pizap

5.Borders and Frames:

Borders and frames are a great way to make your photo edits stand out. Sometimes you just want a simple white or black border and sometimes you want to get wild. Either way piZap photo editor has you covered! We have a custom border tool that lets you set the width and color, or choose from our extensive library of original borders and frames. We have everything from simple to fancy, themed borders like hearts and flowers, holiday borders like Christmas and Halloween, and even some wild and off-the-wall borders that will make you smile. You can even layer borders on top of each other to create really unique compositions.

6.Paint Tool

Add a splash of color to your photos. The piZap Online Photo Editor paint tool can add some razzle dazzle to your boring photos. Maybe you want to draw a mustache or a heart. Maybe you want to write some text in your own hand. The online paint tool lets you paint with a standard or calligraphy brush, or use shapes like lines, squares, and circles. Our PRO users can also use our funtacular Graffiti tool that has brushes like Monster, Boxxy, and Ribbon.

7.Sharing and Saving

Once you have put the finishing touches on your masterpiece, piZap photo editor has a great set of tools to help you save or share your photos. We have the standards like saving a JPG to your computer, but we also support transparent PNG images. You can post directly to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as several other popular sites. We also offer free user accounts on piZap with free photo storage. You can edit and save as many photos as you want!

8.MEME Maker:

If you spend any time on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you know that MEMEs are taking over the internet. Sometimes these are just photos with the classic top and bottom text with the impact font and a black outline. Sometimes they are much more involved. Either way, piZap makes it easy to make a MEME online and post it to Facebook or your favorite social network. We also have a cool KEEP CALM AND tool that lets you make this classic MEME and a cool set of MEME stickers of some of the more iconic MEME characters from the web. Unfortunately, we can’t come up with the snarky comments and MEME captions for you, that is up to you.

9.Cut-Out Tool:

Add yourself to any photo with the piZap Cut-Out tool. Also, you can cut out any object from any photo and add it to any other photo. Want to add yourself to a scene from Paris? No problem. Want to look like you are floating in space? No Sweat. The Cut-Out tool makes it easy to do effects that once were reserved for photo editing professionals. Once you see how easy it is, you will be making cut-outs in no time.